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::: KW Suspensions

development manufacturing assembly shipping

Belgium : KW Belgium
Kruisstraat 4,
B-9031 Drongen, Belgium
Telnr: +32 (0)9/325.00.41
Fax: +32 (0)9/325.00.42
E-mail: jean.verhaert@kw-suspension.com
The Netherlands : GKB Import BV
Rijksweg West 55-57
NL-9608 PB Westerbroek, Netherlands
Telnr: +31 (0)50/404.24.50
Fax: +31 (0)50/404.25.67
E-mail: info@gkb-import.nl
Website: http://www.gkb-import.nl

Company Introduction

Our unique blend of solid brand-marketing combined with a partnership based sales strategy has resulted in a sharply rising world-wide presence. Market share, sales volume and turnover have grown dynamically worldwide.

The KW color combination Purple and Yellow is registered as a European trade mark and recognized worldwide as a sign of quality and performance.

From Car Show to Trade Shows to the tuner shops, strategic and targeted marketing in the media, point of sale and Motor Sports as well as in popular video games have put KW in the minds and on the vehicles of enthusiasts around the globe. Our broad range of advertising, infomational, and decorative materials for both inside and outside of our business proudly state to your customers that there is KW inside!

When it comes to performance suspension technology today, KW is one of the world´s leading suppliers. With our three product lines KW Coilover suspension systems, KW Suspensions and KW Competition we cover all the requirements of the market. With KW Coilover suspension systems we serve the technical and demanding sport driver who values the maximum possible lowering while retainin a high level of comfort.

The 2005 KW Suspensions program has been expanded throughout our three distinct ranges of springs, sport suspension systems and shock absorbers to include more applications and uses than ever. KW Competition is the product line for national and international motor sports.

KW offers the highest level of suspension solutions for not only the street, but for all levels of motor sports from the weekend warrior to the highest ranks of FIA GT, FIA WTCC World Touring Car Championship, endurance series an the Nuerburgring Nordschleife, numerous winning teams rely on the technology, expertise and dedication that is KW.


Over the years, KW has developed a large engineering base of knowledge through hands on R&D of sport suspension systems for all types of vehicles. There are 16 employees working every day on not only improving your products but also developing new, innovative suspension solutions.

The manufacturing process for the Coilover suspension is done in house using special composite high-grade stainless steel tube, specially produced aluminum parts and piston rods. The state of the art CNC and machining equipment specially designed to produce in the high grade stainless steel, along with our staff’s technical know how enables KW to react quickly to stock and order demands, as well as reduced turn around time converting ready prototypes into line produced kits.

The assembly process has been optimized and new components added to run quickly and efficiently from start to finish within the new expanded KW facilities. From the assembly of the internal valves to the final packing in the box for transport, KW is in control.

The efficient management of both completed kits and the components are key to our abilitiy to meet customer demands. Once construction is complete, the 3.600 square meter warehouse facility is home to the ready product. From initial customer order, to construction, packing and finally shipping, the complete process has been automated to allow for the shortest timeline.


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