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Meguiar's NXT

NXT Generation Car Wash

Introducing Meguiar's Next Generation of Technology...Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) Our expertise in Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) has created a completely synthetic car wash concentrate that loosens and emulsifies even the toughest dirt and road grime while synthetic lubricating oils glide them off the surface without marring the finish. This cutting edge formula is gentle on all painted finishes as well as rubber, vinyl and plastic components. Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash leaves an eye-dazzling finish by itself or prepares your finish for application of Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax. Engineered water softener helps reduce deposits in hard water, leaving behind a spot-free finish.

NXT Generation Tech Wax

Introducing Meguiar's Next Generation of Technology...Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) NXT Generation Tech Wax is unlike any car wax you have ever tried before. Nothing even comes close to this amazing product. All we ask is for you to try it. If it doesn't blow you away, send it back and get a full refund. If you're planning on entering a car show or cruise or just showing off, you won't want to be without this product. Here is what this awesome product will do: Your paint will be darker and richer and the shine will be the deepest, clearest you've ever seen. Our new ESP (Engineered Synthetic Polymers) technology creates a tougher, polymer bond to your paint so it can provide extreme protection. Engineered to eliminate those fine scratches so you can have a flawless finish. Glides on and off easily. You'll be surprised how easy it is to reveal your dazzling, new finish.

NXT Generation Spray Wax

Introducing Meguiar's Next Generation of Technology...Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) The fastest way to re-energize your gloss and protection. Meguiar's NXT Generation Spray Wax builds on the results you have already achieved with NXT Generation Tech Wax. It's a spray-on "Booster Wax" that adds protection with superior polymer technology (ESP's) while restoring the deep, dark, wet-look shine. Use it dry for fast touch-ups, or use wet after washing your car to quickly restore the "Just-Waxed" look.

NXT Generation Tech Protectant

Introducing Meguiar's Next Generation of Technology...Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) Meguiar's NXT Generation Protectant uses Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) to clean, condition and protect all vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. These materials require special treatment to preserve their original look, retain their elasticity, and protect them from fading. Meguiar's NXT Tech Protectant utilizes the highest concentration of ESP's blended with patented antiozonants to create the best all-in-one protectant on the market today! Creates shine & richness to dashboards, tires & trim. Helps restore original color to older, weathered surfaces. Patented Antiozonants help prevent premature aging and deterioration. Protects using UVA/UVB inhibitors to help reduce fading and cracking.


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